Thursday, December 20, 2018

week 1 day 1 task 3

hi my blogging tigers,

today i'm going to be doing task of day 1. so I had to put a explain  how you create a positive and digital footprint. so here is my digital footprint that I made:

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week 1 day 1 task 1

hi my blogging tigers,

today I'm going to be doing the summer learning journey we we do tasks about stuff idk (I don't know) how to describe it but my task is to find 3 facts about NZ in my own words. so here are 3 facts.

#1: The Maori name of New Zealand is Aotearoa and that means the land of the long white cloud.

#2: Queen Elizabeth is officially Queen of New Zealand.

#3: The Auckland City Sky Tower is the tallest structure and it's 328 meters high.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

what was new Zealand like years ago???

hi my blogging tigers,

so today Megan from the summer learning journey said that we had to write a letter to someone about if I was on a waka going to new Zealand and what happen when I was in the waka.

dear Megan,

I will die but who cares I will be in heaven but if I don't will I will live a happy or not. I don't know what will happen to me. But I will maybe die but there are so much diseases in the ocean. but I did start to name the wood I loved Barry the 12 but sadly he died. Now I want to kill myself but I want to go to an island that I'm going to name new Zealand. But then I saw a shark but the shark wanted to be my friend. Because the shard called lily the 5th was be herself. So we became friends but when we got to the island we built a shelter also I built something from lily the 5th. So from then me and lily the 5th lived together forever. Then we lived happy ever after.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

day 2πŸŽ„

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today i'm going to be showing you what I did in class for day 2 so we had to get some info on a Christmas tree and get info about that tree. so here is what I did.

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day 1

hi again my bogging tigers,

today i'm going to be showing you what we did in class. so my teacher said to go onto a slide to do a Christmas culture so we had to tell about my christmas then about another culture. here is my slide that I did.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

the car boot sale

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today I'm going to be talking about a car boot sale that my school had on the 30th of November. but I only came for the food and to perform but my brother (Thomas) wouldn't let me watch. here is one photos of something called Harold. you could take a photo, hug and high five Harold as well!

Displaying IMG_6996.JPG

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The clever cats play

Jello blogging tigers,

Today my class we did a play called clever cats. we were doing it because we were going to make a seen from a book called there is a boy in the girls bathroom (the seen was the fight seen.

our aim was to follow the stage directions and to following the play script. My group member are Mandita, Rhia, Gloria, Gabrielle, Mandita, Fatima and alihetoa.

here is the video:

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